Common Keyboard Shortcuts to Work Faster on Your Computer

windows keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts is the solution to working faster on your computer.

Shortcut keys on your computer can really speed up the way that you work because it is usually faster to hit a couple of short cut keys than it is to browse via your mouse. Here are a few useful shortcut keys for windows.

Mac users, sorry this article is not really for you!

Control + c – copies the highlighted text in a document

Control + x – cut out highlighted text to place it on the clipboard

Control + v – paste the text from the clipboard into a document

Control + End – jump to the end of a document

Control + Home – jump to the beginning of a document

Control + right or left arrow – jump one word to the left or right

Control + up or down arrow – jump one paragraph up or down in the document

Control + z – undo the last action

Windows key plus d – show the desktop

Here are a few other tips for working faster on your computer:

  • Eliminate any notification pop-ups that come up continuously on your computer, for example unnecessary security warnings.
  • Eliminate most of the notification sounds on your computer which can be distracting.
  • Do not set up your computer so that you get a notification every time you have a new email or new person on instant messaging applications such as Skype.
  • Use the sleep mode of your laptop to enable faster startup of your computer.
  • Learn how to touch-type and improve your typing speed! If you don’t know how to touch type, this is a massive potential opportunity for you to increase your productivity.

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