How Outsourcing can Improve Time Management for Better Business

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, ‘outsourcing’ is a bit of a dirty word. It conjures up images of overworked teams, gaps in your business and, perhaps most importantly, big freelance and agency fees. As frustrating as those outgoings at the end of the months can be, there’s only so much that ultra-talented teams and […]

How to Stay Focused at Work When Working From Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the nature of work and work policies. To control and reduce the spread of the virus, governments enforced lockdown measures. This meant that most people had to work from home. Sadly, many can’t focus at work especially when they’re working remotely. Most people are familiar with being very productive in […]

Tracking Legal Hours: Why Your Law Firm Should Do It (And 5 Best Apps To Try)

Is tracking legal hours a hassle for your law firm? Perhaps. Many law firms out there manually track their working time. It’s hard to track your time and calculate billable hours correctly, when it’s done manually. Meanwhile, other industries have discovered the value of time tracking software. It helps them  monitor productivity and price their […]

Reduce Lawyer Stress With These 12 Time Management Techniques

Law practice is a high pressure, fast-paced field that exposes practitioners to stress and other adverse health problems. Legal practitioners who lack good time management techniques are susceptible to lawyer stress, depression, anxiety and stress-related complications.  They feel irritable, are easily fatigued, have difficulty concentrating, and are very forgetful. In most cases, their relationships suffer.  […]

Tips for Efficient Communication in Your Business

A significant part of your day is taken up with communication. If you can speed up the process of communicating and also increase the effectiveness of your communication, this is a huge potential productivity boost. How do you do it? Let’s look at the main ways you communicate and what you can do to improve […]