The Best Ways to Study for Maximum Productivity

Today’s students are a different breed from 20 years ago. Learners have access to a vast amount of knowledge. The difference is much like stepping from inside an elevator into outer space! The entire spectrum of the educational system has been modified and the majority of this change has come about due to technology. It […]

7 Good Study Habits that Help Students Succeed in College

Is there a secret to getting good results in college? The answer is yes! Cultivating good study habits is one of the keys to succeeding in college.  However, cultivating good study habits isn’t exactly straightforward. It requires a lot of diligence and will power. But it’s something you can excel in. Below are some research […]

How to Improve Work Efficiency When Telecommuting

People often mistake productivity for efficiency and vice versa. But there’s a difference, and balancing the two in your daily work is crucial. If you have found yourself questioning your work performance before, this might be just the right place for you.  Being effective so that your work can be productive is the key concept […]

How to Stay Focused at Work When Working From Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the nature of work and work policies. To control and reduce the spread of the virus, governments enforced lockdown measures. This meant that most people had to work from home. Sadly, many can’t focus at work especially when they’re working remotely. Most people are familiar with being very productive in […]

Tracking Legal Hours: Why Your Law Firm Should Do It (And 5 Best Apps To Try)

Is tracking legal hours a hassle for your law firm? Perhaps. Many law firms out there manually track their working time. It’s hard to track your time and calculate billable hours correctly, when it’s done manually. Meanwhile, other industries have discovered the value of time tracking software. It helps them  monitor productivity and price their […]