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Can Multitasking Make You Gain Weight?

If you've been reading this blog or many others on time management and productivity, you know that multitasking is bad for you. While it's propped up by human resources departments around the globe as a necessary 'skill' for countless jobs, researchers are finding that people work better and faster when they focus on one task at a time.

Too much multitasking can lead to a loss of concentration, stress, and plenty of other side effects of simply not getting enough done. But does it affect your physical health? A new study suggests that multitasking might be linked to excessive weight gain.


Time Management Tips 06/05/11

Another week, and another round of time management tips and productivity-related news from around the Web!

Consultant Andi Gray at Westfair Online has a featured piece on time management strategies for running a business. Her advice? Invest in your employees and develop a long-term plan.

The Sydney Morning Herald also has a productivity-focused piece for small business managers who need to deal with under-performing staff.

Is procrastination a problem for you? Psychology Today begins a multi-part series profiling one person's struggle, with a look at several different procrastination-busting techniques.

On a related note, Jason Alderman at My San Antonio calculates some of the real world costs associated with habitually putting things off.

A new BNET piece by Herb Schaffner offers a 4-step plan for getting rid of bad habits, whether it's procrastination, too much coffee, or anything else getting in the way of your productivity.

Entrepreneur magazine has an article with 10 time management tips that work, whether you're just getting started with a new business or looking to streamline your existing operations.

In the Columbia Business Times, leadership coach Tony Richards presents the case that "Time Management Is You Management," with some take-away tips to improve your work habits and results.

SouthPark Magazine has a few quick tips for staying organized and productive, with a back-to-basics focus from Lorie Robinson.

As evidence mounts that the sedentary workplace is a danger to your health, Inc. magazine has some tips for keeping bodies in motion without running away from your most important work.

And anyone suffering from burn out will find some helpful advice in this piece by Rhonda Rabow at The Montreal Gazette.




Why Employers Should Not Fear the Work/Life Blur

According to a new piece online at Federal Computer Week by researcher Ted Schadler, the growing trend of regular employees' working from home should not worry organizations and businesses willing to look toward the future.

Why? Advances in technology and communication are ensuring that people are able to stay productive even when they're not sitting at a desk. Schadler says that organizations, both government and private, can even gain workforce productivity by encouraging the smart adoption of technologies.

He has a point, although there are repercussions for individual workers that should also be taken into account.


Time Management for Managers

If you've been selected to hold a position in management, it's assumed that you already have what it takes to lead a team, to complete projects and meet deadlines, and do so in an overall efficient manner.

But it's just not always that easy. On the perfect day, with all team members present and active and working to their full potential, without unnecessary interruptions, anything can be accomplished! But in the real world, there are inevitably delays, mishaps, and things that simply don't go as planned. In a recent article at Radio INK magazine, corporate coach Paul Anovick offers a series of tips to help managers get more done in less time, and a few of them are really excellent.


Time Management Tips 29/04/11

Here are more tips for time management and personal productivity from across the internet!

Oregon Business magazine has a set of seven rules for extreme time management. The article includes four questions you can ask yourself to better prioritize your day.

The International Business Times has its own three keys to time management, including tips on the ever-important principle of setting boundaries.

Laura Vanderkam at Fortune Magazine has a highly interesting piece on bribing yourself to gain extra performance and efficiency, including some science to back it up.

If you’re looking for a better way to tackle tasks, this CNET article by Dennis O’Reilly has a helpful introduction to the Pomodoro Technique, which we discussed in a recent post.

Are you a manager or small business owner? Success magazine offers some advice for making your meetings more productive.

The Sydney Morning Herald also has some solid time management advice targeted toward business readers.

If you’re still looking for your next great job, The Washington Post has advice for helping you maintain your focus and not lose productivity to what the article calls "Automatic Negative Thoughts," or ANTs.

The Worcester Business Journal offers a few back-to-basics strategies in its “101: Time Management” article.

Ann Smith at Macon.com has her own advice for staying focused, avoiding overpromising and following through with each important task.

Procrastinators will also find some helfpul tips from business coach Machen P. MacDonald in his article at TheUnion.com.



Quick Link: The Right Way to Say No

Since one of the most important aspects of time management is setting priorities, there will inevitably be things that you simply won't have the time or energy to do, even when asked by a client or colleague you respect.

A recent piece on Lifehacker, citing consultant Chris Brogan, provides some good advice for declining a request without damaging the professional relationship or chance to work together in the future.

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Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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