Time Management for Students

Effective Time Management for College and High School Students
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Student Time Management

What is the best study method for you?

One of the things that separates great students from those that are average is the methods they use for studying. Some methods are a lot faster and more effective than others.


Basic tips on time management for students

Every student spends a lot of time studying and almost every one of them would like their studying to be more efficient.

Here are some basic tips to manage your time better when studying.


7 Tips on Studying Routines

The routines that you get into for studying are really important. This article will help you to get into the proper routine.

Study period lengths

The best way to study is to focus for between 40 and 90 minutes, then take a 10 minute break where you do some kind of exercise. Regular exercise really helps with your concentration when studying.

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