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Top-Down: Time Management Tips from Richard Branson

In a recent column on LiveMint by The Wall Street Journal, business and media superstar Richard Branson provides his perspective on how organizations should handle time management at multiple levels.

What immediately becomes clear is that Branson hates micromanagement, and details how disruptive it can be in several different ways.

Time management issues are important even in the early stages of a business, but they compound and grow as a company enters its ‘bureaucracy’ stage, according to Branson. It’s at this point that an entrepreneurs must examineRichard Branson on a Jetski how much time they spend on internal communication and find the right balance of awareness and interruption.

Branson stresses the need for openness; once you have hired people whose skills you trust, your employees must be allowed to work independently when necessary and invest in their own curiosity. He recommends that the entrepreneur step back from daily operations to allow independent thought, yet keep the lines of communication open so that you can address big picture challenges and opportunities as they arise. When employees have their own say in the way business is done, they are more likely to treat the company’s business as their very own.

Of course, getting your business to a self-sufficient level requires many small steps along the way. Branson agrees with our policy of checking your email and messages according to your schedule, a few times per day, so that constant back and forth doesn’t take over your day. This also provides you with the freedom to be more perceptive and focused, which are necessary elements of long term success.


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Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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