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Time Management Tips 26/03/11

Here once again is the latest in time management and productivity news from around the internet.

As April approaches, Business Insider has a 5 step feature on having a more productive month. The article suggests not just planning activities, but also working in a healthy amount of down time.

A new article by Laurie Tarkan at BNET cites recent research on multitasking in the world of digital devices and the toll it takes on the average worker. She offers tips on adopting a healthier “digital diet” to have a more restful and productive workweek.

In Exchange Magazine, guest columnist Jean Kelley places a similar emphasis on managing energy, with a feel-good, holistic approach.

But for those who are obligated to work while on the go, Lifehacker has 10 quick tips that should make the mobile workflow a little bit more productive. It’s the little improvements that can make the biggest difference.

Anyone trying to leverage the advantages of social media will appreciate these 10 twitter tools designed to increase your productivity from SloDive.com.

In the same vein, web designers and graphics pros will be able to save a few minutes with these free CSS3 tools from WebTecker.

For those trying their best to finally wind down from a hectic schedule, The Malaysian Star has an interesting piece on the science of sleep, including an explanation of the effectiveness of a siesta or mid-day nap.

The Hartford Business Journal features a series of tips for managing time and personal charisma, based on two new books.

And if you’re trying to take advantage of time management and productivity strategies for the benefits of a virtual team, GigaOM has six important questions you can ask to properly assess your team’s effectiveness.



Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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