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Time Management Tips 16/03/11

More time management news and tips from across the web!

Backing up our latest article, Bill Balcezak at CRM Buyer reports on the ineffectiveness of multitasking, specifically looking at how the brain responds under the pressure of two different priorities.

As Daylight-Saving Time began this week throughout much of the world, an article in The Quad-City Times explores some of the history behind the practice.

Inside Higher Education explains a recent study which found that college students became much more productive when ‘nudged’ by a mentor or coach.

Do you feel like you’ve been robbed by time bandits? Roger Fransecky at The Huffington Post offers some tips for dealing with distractions, with special advice for smartphone users.

The Economic Times has an interesting piece on Google’s internal study on effective managers. Check out how the most information-driven company in the world measures productivity.

If you’re looking for a more effective way to delegate tasks to colleagues or employees, Jared Bilski of CFO Daily News has a sneaky but simple tip that will work to your advantage.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to limit personal web usage in the workplace, says Sean Silverthorne of BNET. The article provides advice for office managers trying taking on the monster that eats their employees’ time.

Lifehacker has a short piece recommending a software product that can help users waste less time on their favorite distraction sites and reclaim their willpower.

And entrepreneurs working from home can find a few helpful time management tips on the Drop Ship Access blog.



Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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