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Time Management Tips 13/02/11

Here are the latest time management-related tips and articles on the Web.

On her Real Words blog, Kathryn Vercillo has a number of time-saving tips for working from home.

The MINIWORKSHOPSERIES blog offers readers a stern reminder of the consequences and costs associated with being late.

IPad.net offers a round of tech tips that will save you time when browsing and working on your iPad.

Likewise, those who use Google Docs online for productivity tasks can benefit from these PCWorld power tips for the Google service.

The magazine also features an interesting piece on social productivity, attempting to use peer pressure and social media strategies to keep yourself on task.

For those thinking about the possible time and productivity benefits of taking a course online, this article from the Fresno City College Rampage looks at some of the pros and cons.

Is multi-tasking impossible to avoid these days? This extensive article on the US News and World Reports site takes a closer look.

This advice piece from Daily News & Analysis of India has some questions that managers can ask to help new employees become productive sooner.

CNET has coverage of Microsoft’s newest push for productivity with the announcement of their Future of Productivity Council.

With some excellent lifestyle and organization tips, Lifehacker is taking a look at how you can improve your personal workspace to become more comfortable and efficient.

And, finally, does time management and productivity require government backing? According to a news piece at Weekend Today, the nation of Singapore is putting up to $3 million into a publicity campaign to promote productivity across its industries.



Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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