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Time Management Tips 03/04/11

Another week brings another round of time management and productivity tips from across the web:

Forbes Magazine has an interesting piece using actor James Franco’s widely panned Oscar performance as an example of the dangers of multi-tasking.

If you’re a repeat business traveler, Margaret Heffernan at BNET has 5 tips for making your flight more productive.

Writer James Butler at FreshBusinessThinking.com has some advice for finding the time and energy to focus on an important task or plan when you’re perpetually busy.

It’s essential for parents to teach their teenagers time management skills to prepare them for the real world, says Cheryl R. Carter in Home Educator’s Family Times. She offers a number tips in the parenting piece.

Lifehacker Australia has advice on how you can wisely use an extra, older computer to increase your productivity and regain focus on your primary machine.

Don’t get distracted by your tools! Blogger Tim Berry at Business Insider offers a helpful reminder that constantly changing browsers and plugins in the name of productivity can quickly become an excuse for procrastination.

Anna Tims in The Guardian has a helpful round of time management tips for finding focus and added productivity in the workplace.

This Boomer Talk column in The Newbury Port Daily News provides strategies for finding a balance when juggling personal priorities and stress as you grow older.

And of course, sometimes you just need to simplify. Margalit Ward has tips for setting priorities and making time for a better life in her article at The Huffington Post.



Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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