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Time Management Tips 05/02/11

More productivity and time management tips have made their way online, and we’ve got a good list!

NetChunks Webmaster’s Magazine has a quick list of outsourcing tools and websites for those utilizing virtual teams.

Lifehacker has an extended piece on happiness in the workplace, which provides an in-depth look at how different cultures handle the balance between productivity, stress, and personal life.

Prairie Eco Thrifter has 12 ways to increase your productivity, including the important reminders to reward yourself for success set aside time for fun.

Lifehacker Australia provides a friendly reminder to realistically plan for failure.

The Karate Tips blog at Dracony.org has some helpful time management techniques for finding time in your personal life for the hobbies you’ve always wanted to pursue.

The Cheap Chick at myFOX9.com has a collection of personal tips for saving money and time at the same time, from the best time to set doctors appointments to tims on setting your exercise schedule.

The Organize to Revitalize blog shows you how you can check multiple gmail inboxes without logging out and logging back in.

Much of time management is about energy management, and this piece at iArticle highlights a few ways you can prioritize your most energy-intensive tasks.

Business consultant Michelle Stockman at The City Wire quotes Zeke Comusion’s round of reminders on doubling your productivity within one week.

And, finally, Time magazine offers an interesting take on messiness and organization in our digital worlds.


Time Management for Teens and Managers

The Regina Leader-Post recently featured a guest article on time management for teenagers. The writer, Kaylee Sparrowhawk, is a teenager herself, and while she draws attention to the fact that teenagers need time management skills, she doesn’t get past her frustrations to present strategies for success.

What is time management for teens? With a few adaptations, teens can apply the same strategies used by busy managers every day. Establishing priorities is key.


Time Management Tips 26/01/11

This week in time management:

Lifehacker wants you to improve the accuracy of your internal clock, and it doesn’t require surgery. Quoting two psychologists with a new book on time management, the article looks at ways you can beat procrastination and gain a better sense of time. The key? Practice. Pay attention to exactly how long common tasks such as showering or commuting really take, and your natural sense of events will begin to catch up.

About.com has a new article on their Email section about saving time with Outlook. We’re huge believers in winning the battle for your Inbox, and there are 19 tips on filtering and streamlining your path to a brighter tomorrow.

According to the Creston News Advertiser, office supply company ACCO Brands is giving awards for home office, business, and school “heroes” who are masters of productivity. The article packs in five tips for simplifying your paper flow and your work life.

The Leadership section at BNET has some solid advice for creating realistic team communication plans. Flexibility and adjustment are essential.

The Project Web has eight great tips for virtual project meetings, the first of which is “Only hold necessary meetings.” That could definitely make the world a better place.

Unclutter offers some sound college-inspired advice for saving time and stress at home. Keep the people who share your living space in the loop.

More home and work advice comes from The Seattle Post Intelligencer bloggers, who tell you how to “Deal With The Dumb Stuff.”

Lifehacker Australia is helping Mac users who want to hide their folders to stay focused on their active projects.

Daily News & Analysis in India has a 20-point time management assessment list to help you see where you currently stand, with promises of tools and tips to follow.

And if you’re so worried about efficiency that you can’t get anything done, Business Daily Africa looks at the health effects of "time urgency" and offers time-management tips for entrepreneurs.


An Hour Without Email? Try three.

Forbes magazine has a new round of time management tips in their Career Talk for Women section, though I think their advice is good for busy people across the board. Along with some fairly standard tips, the column has one recommendation that we can get behind: Set aside one hour of your workday for not checking your email. In fact, we'll take it even further.

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Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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