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Time Management For Students: Watch and Learn

If you’re studying at a college or university, or even still in high school, time management can be an incredibly tricky process. Your social life is buzzing, and you may be working a part-time job. Sometimes it seems there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.

But there’s one group of students who tend to consistently handle time management better than their peers, even though they have the most to balance. Students who have children, as shown in a recent Times Delphic article, often perform quite well in the classroom, and I think it’s worth looking at a few reasons why.


How to Make Employees More Productive: The Flexible Workplace

Flexibility is a feel-good word. Like innovate or responsive, or efficient. What entrepreneur or manager wouldn’t want their workplace to be flexible, especially in an era we’re constantly reminded depends on it?

When flexibility means letting your employees set their own schedules, coming and going whenever they want, for many employers it takes on a sense of risk. Yet according to a recent Fortune article, more companies are experimenting with flexible schedules and finding that the clock-punching past wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


Time Management Tips 21/04/11

Lifehacker has an interesting new article explaining why some people are more productive when working from coffee shops. And it’s not the coffee.

Meanwhile, The San Francisco Chronicle has an series of time management tips geared toward financial advisors, who often don’t have the option of working from a Starbucks. The tips can easily apply to any profession.

Online magazine City A.M. also has a series of time-saving tips, directly from some of the busiest finance and business leaders in London.

For those who are still in the hunt for a good job, The Republic features a few tips for getting through job-seeker procrastination.

Amy Spencer of RealSimple.com offers her tips for tuning out distractions and defeating procrastination in this piece posted on CNN.

Jennifer Nelson for MSNBC’s TODAY Health also tackles procrastination, as not just a time management issue but a comprehensive lifestyle concern.

Team management is increasingly important as more work becomes collaborative, and The Washington Post offers a round of advice for making meetings more productive.

Helen Coster at Forbes is also sharing her tips for improving workplace focus and productivity.

A new post at lifestyle site Divine Caroline also includes a batch of all-purpose time management tips and tweaks.

And The New York Times has an interesting article on sleep, specifically how not getting enough sleep can affect our overall productivity day to day.


How To Work From Home the Right Way

Anyone who has worked from home knows that it comes with its own challenges. Yes, you get to skip the commute. The same goes with office politics and cubicle-life altogether.

But the inspiration and ability to work effectively, every single day, can definitely take a toll without direct supervision, and a new article from The Next Web’s Lifehacks offers a number of tips that will give you some of the confidence and direction to best use your time when working on your own terms.


Top-Down: Time Management Tips from Richard Branson

In a recent column on LiveMint by The Wall Street Journal, business and media superstar Richard Branson provides his perspective on how organizations should handle time management at multiple levels.

What immediately becomes clear is that Branson hates micromanagement, and details how disruptive it can be in several different ways.

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Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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