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Software Review of Chrometa software

Review of Chrometa software

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Chrometa comparison with competitors

Chrometa 2.0

Chrometa 2.0 is time management software that tracks what applications you are using on your computer at any given time. Chrometa 2.0 has a free trial version that has all of the same features as the paid version. It costs $99 for a single-user license.

Getting Started

To begin using Chrometa 2.0, you can download the software right off of the webpage, or enter a valid license ID into the program during your free trial. Downloading the file only takes a moment on a moderately fast PC and connection.

The free trial of Chrometa 2.0 is set up so that it will alert you after 30 days that your free trial has expired, and ask you to purchase the software. There is no credit card or other authorization information to fill out, which gives you true privacy to test the software.


Chrometa 2.0 is very simple software. It begins a log entry for every application that you use during the tracking time, and counts the seconds that you spend active in each application. It also logs inactive time, which is time that you either stop tracking or when the computer has been idle for a time that you specify.

In the options category, you can choose to block certain applications from Chrometa. You can also password-protect the program if privacy is important.

The information gathered by Chrometa can be exported to an excel sheet, which is a convenient tool if you plan to send an invoice based on the information.

Track every application you use

One of the best features of Chrometa is the precision of the time tracking. Each application is measured in seconds automatically, without any work on the part of the user. Chrometa even has the option to begin at start-up, which means that Chrometa could virtually log all the time you spend on the computer without any work from you at all.

Chrometa will track the time you spend online and you also have the option to see exactly which sites you visited and for how long. This could be useful if you are trying to track how often you are distracted by sites like Facebook and Twitter. When tracking time in Microsoft Word, Chrometa will also break down how long you spent on each document.

Chrmoneta Time Management

Chrometa could in theory be helpful for judging time management because you can see what you have done and for how long. You can organize this information in a list by the day, by the week, or by the month. You can categorize each application; for example, you can sort the entries by work, school, or personal.

The list view shows how long you use each application for and also the percentage of the time you spent using that application. However the list can quickly become bulky and hard to follow. In order to keep a neat and tidy view, you would have to categorize each application, and even then it may get difficult to follow.

In practice Chrometa is not practical for time management because the data is not presented in an easy to organize way. Rescue time and Time Doctor are better applications to look at for managing your time better.

Chrometa Cons

There are some major downsides to Chrometa. First of all, it’s only available for Windows, although they do plan to expand to for Mac users as well. Also, Chrometa has no features for setting goals or following through with schedules. It is also very time consuming to organize the data into meaningful information.

How does Chrometa compare?

Chrometa is designed really for one thing: to make sure when tracking time that you increase the accuracy of the time tracked and capture all the little activities that might otherwise have been missed. For this specific application it is ok. Other programs are better equipped to help you analyze your use of applications and web sites with charts and graphs, such as Rescue Time. Chrometa is also not very effective in terms of keeping track of a team, since it only tracks one PC, unlike programs like Time Doctor.

Chrometa doesn’t have any small business features, like invoicing or project management. Since there are many other competitors that do have small business features, Chrometa probably isn’t such a great investment for small businesses like lawyers or freelancers that it advertises itself to be.


Chrometa is an application that tracks web sites visited and applications used on your computer. This has application for some individuals, however it’s cumbersome to use and requires a lot of time to organize the information that is produced. So it doesn’t overall help you with your time management. Time Doctor and Rescue Time are two other applications that also track web sites visited and applications used, and both of these applications present the information in an easier way, so we would recommend checking out all of these applications first before deciding on Chrometa.

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