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Harvest (GetHarvest.com) review and comparison with competitors

Review of Harvest (www.GetHarvest.com)

Harvest is primarily an invoicing and billing application with features of time reporting and budgeting. It has the ability to enter time for various tasks and use that as the base for billing clients.

It costs $12 per month for individuals, $40 for up to 5 users and $90 for 10 users, and then more for each additional user. There is a 30 day free trial to try it out.


Review of Chrometa software

Chrometa comparison with competitors

Chrometa 2.0

Chrometa 2.0 is time management software that tracks what applications you are using on your computer at any given time. Chrometa 2.0 has a free trial version that has all of the same features as the paid version. It costs $99 for a single-user license.


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