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How to Take Massive Action

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What are you really trying to achieve from time management? You want to get things done faster, more effectively and with less effort.

Sometimes the most powerful way to achieve more is to take more action. Sounds silly right? Stay with me here, this is actually a very important concept. What does it mean to take massive action? Let's say you are interviewing for a job. It means applying to 50 jobs instead of five. Perhaps you are looking for a new accountant for your business, it means interviewing 10 accountants instead of one or two.

There are certain efficiencies with batching tasks and doing a lot of them at the same time. Take the example of interviewing accountants. You have a series of questions that you want to ask: what are your rates, what's your policy or suggestions for me regarding my situation etc. So you write an email to ask these questions. But instead of sending it to one accountant, you send it to 10. You end up finding the person who is more committed to serving you and providing the best answers to your questions (probably the person who is going to be the best accountant).

Massive action is easiest and most appropriate if you are doing something where the time that it takes to perform many actions is only a little bit more than the time it takes to do one action. For example, you are looking for a new lower cost supplier for your business. Instead of calling two or three suppliers, fax or email your requirements to 15 different companies. Ask them to fax or email you back (instead of calling) to make the process of collating their answers faster. The time taken to fax 15 companies is not that much greater than contacting two or three companies. You have already spent the time to write the fax and can simply add in a different cover letter and then send it off.

This rule does not apply in all situations. Sometimes more measured action steps is a better way to do things. Also lazy execution of the concept of “massive action” does not always work. For example, let's say you are looking to partner with businesses in your industry and ask them to promote your product. A standard email to 100 companies may not be as effective as sending a well written and targeted email to 10 companies. But what if you took a systematic approach: First search every potential company that you could partner with. Then write a standard email, but edit it and personalize it for each company. Send it out to 150 companies and then follow up three days later with another email to check if they received the first email and find out if they have any questions. You are much more likely to get results this way and it does not take that much longer. Massive action, properly executed, is very powerful and although it takes time initially, it will definitely save you time and you will get better results later on.

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