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How to Stop Procrastinating

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Are you the sort of person who always seems to procrastinate? Perhaps you have friends who have even told you that you procrastinate and waste time?

Read this article and follow the steps to eliminate procrastination altogether from your life.

Well, the first thing you need to do is identify the reason for your procrastination. So let's do this for real. Think of something right now that you are procrastinating about in your life.

Have you got it? Write it down to make sure you are clear about what it is. If you can't think of anything then what's the point of reading this article? The article is about how to stop procrastinating about something. If you can't think of anything specifically that you are procrastinating about, come back and read the article again when you can think of something.

Now follow these seven steps to stop procrastinating about this item. You must follow exactly all the seven steps below! If you don't follow them exactly as written, then you are much less likely to succeed.

Step 1: Write it down

Write down what it is that you are procrastinating about. Don't just think of it in your head, you must write it down.

Step 2: What is your outcome?

Identify the specific outcome you want to achieve in this area. Be very specific about the result that you want to achieve. You should know very clearly when you have achieved the result. Write down this specific outcome.

Step 3: Is it something you can do right now?

Will this thing take less than three minutes to accomplish and can you accomplish it right now? If so, just do it now and get it over and done with!

Step 4: Is it important?

Think if this is something important or not. Is this item one of the most important things in your life that you want to accomplish at the moment? If it's not one of the most important things for you to do in your life, then it's probably a GOOD thing that you are procrastinating about it. Stop this exercise now, continue to procrastinate about this item, and when it becomes one of the top few things you want to do in your life, then start working on it.

Step 5: Work right now on the very next thing you can do

Think of the very first thing you can do to get started on this. Something you can do right now and will take less than 10 minutes to get accomplished. And do it. For example, let's say you are writing a book, but have been putting off doing anything about it for two years. Think of an action you can take, one that's related to writing the book and will take you less than 10 minutes to accomplish. For example, write the outline to the first chapter. Read Step 6 only when you have spent 10 minutes working on this task. If you feel after the 10 minutes of work that you want to keep going, that's cool, keep working on it for a maximum of two hours before taking a break. Look at the clock right now to check your starting time and keep working on it for at least 10 minutes. GO!

Step 6: Continue doing 10 minutes every day

Now you want to start a habit of spending at least 10 minutes every day on this item until you have finished it. If you get into the flow and feel like you want to do more than 10 minutes, that's great, but otherwise spend a minimum of 10 minutes on it every day. The way to do this most effectively is to pick the same time every day to work on it. It might be just as you get into work, if it's a work related thing. It might be before you go to bed. But it should be the same time every day. So pick the appropriate time and then set a recurring alarm on your clock to remind you to do it every day at this time. Setting the alarm on your clock to ring each day is a really important step, so remember to set your alarm! Do it now if you can.

Step 7: What is the first domino?

Have you ever played the game dominoes? When you flip over the first domino it sets off a chain reaction and all the other dominoes fall as a result. As the final step you want to try and identify what is the “first domino” that will automatically ensure that the whole thing happens. It's one small action that you can take which will set off a series of other actions and make it certain that you achieve your outcome.

Let's say that your outcome is that you want to write a book and you are planning to complete it by March 10th. You want to have it ready and self publish it by that date. Your domino action step could be to send an email to all your friends and even your enemies, saying that “On March 18th I am having a party for the book launch for my new book, and you are all invited. The location is … please RSVP... “Once you have sent that email your entire reputation is on the line and you are sure to make it happen.

Another example is that you want to quit your job and start a new café business. The domino action could be that you sign the lease on the new premises. Or let's say you want to get out of debt. Your domino action could be tearing up all your credit cards and setting up an automatic transfer from your bank account, the money to go instantly toward paying off your loans. So every month when you get your salary, a percentage will transfer instantly to pay off your loans.

These are some examples of trying to find the “first domino,” or the first action you can take which will make sure that you get your outcome. Think about what this is for you.

So get started with this process, and if you try it diligently and have problems, contact me at the site and I'll get back to you with some help for your situation.

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