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How a 2-month vacation can boost your productivity

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Your boss might not want you to read this article but I'm sure that you do. An extended vacation can increase your productivity. Why? There are several important reasons.

Forcing you to set up systems and procedures

There are probably a bunch of things in your job that you do each day or week that could be automated. In your personal life that could be paying the bills automatically each month, or in your business it could be something as simple as signing checks. Going on an extended vacation will force you to put the right systems in place so that more of your life is automated thereby, giving you more time to tackle important tasks or take a much needed rest.

Making sure that you are NOT indispensable

The desire for job security leads many to seek a status of indispensability in the workplace. However, while this may keep pink slips at bay it won't aid in maximizing your productivity or attainment of higher levels of success. It's hard to conceive that being a necessary fixture on a work team could ever be a detriment to professional development. However, indispensability and immobility go hand in hand - to be indispensible in one area will mean it would be undesirable to move you to another even if that move were vertical. As it, the most successful executives have found ways to delegate their work load so they are free to pursue important task such as analyzing the big picture. If you wish to achieve similar success you will like ways have to find ways to delegate your workload and automation is part of that process. Of course, professional stagnation is but one drawback to being indispensible the other, is that you would not be able to take a two month vacation.

Eliminate the unimportant

When you are away you should stop checking your emails. It's very important that during your two month vacation you really are away from it all. You might be surprised that much of the time, you didn't need to check your emails in the first place. It's easy to get caught up in busy work. Working on something that keeps you occupied but, is not really high value, and not actually necessary. An extended holiday will help you to see clearly what is important and what is just "busy work".

Getting the right team in place

Having the right team working with you is critical for your time management. Only then can you start to have flexibility of your time and focus. A long holiday will force you to get that team in place.

Training your replacement

In your company if you don't have a replacement for yourself, your company is vulnerable. A vacation forces you to have a replacement (for the time you are away).

Relaxation and creative renewal

Creative people often find that they are the most creative on a hiatus from their work. A holiday can help you to spark new ideas and completely renew yourself. You will come back renewed and ready for work.

What if I really enjoy my work, and don't want an extended holiday?

Actually, doing something you really love is a great place to be in. However, make sure you remember the lessons of this article to help you to continue to be more efficient.

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