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Top 5 Time Wasters in the Sales Workplace

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Kenneth Krogue, the President of InsideSales.com, discussed five of the top time-wasting practices of inside sales and lead generation personnel. His report, from November 2008, discusses a survey that updated research conducted in 2007-2008 by PeopleWise, a division of LexisNexis. Poor lead generation resources are the number one time waster. According to Mr. Krogue, cold calling kills productivity and a company's sales force may spend up to 40% of its time merely looking for someone to call. He suggests that the best practice is to invest in pre-qualified leads or lists.

The report ranks delayed response to inquiries made by sales leads as the second-worst time-wasting practice. Even worse, research reveals that only 45% to 50% of all leads are contacted at all. Mr. Krogue's suggestion to correct this problem? Since hot leads cool off quickly, contact them right away, within minutes rather than hours or days.

Three other top time-wasting practices are discussed in the article, along with suggested best practices that relate to each of them. They include insufficient attempts to follow up on leads, poor lead management procedures and not tracking lead outcomes from start to finish so that the company cannot distinguish the methods that succeed from the methods that do not.

Source: Kenneth Krogue on Time Wasting

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