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Engaging an Entire Workforce Can be Challenging

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Global research conducted by BlessingWhite Intelligence in 2008 indicates there is a clear correlation between employee engagement and employee retention. 85% percent of engaged employees said they planned to stay with their current employers through the end of that year.

Employees tend to stay with their jobs for what they can give, while disengaged employees are more likely to stay for what they can get out of their jobs. The study reports that although North America has one of the world's highest rates of employment engagement, fewer than 30% of North American workers are fully engaged and 19% are in fact disengaged.

The study concludes that although employee engagement levels can be raised by providing employees with more opportunities to use their talents and additional career development and training, firms attempting to engage their employees often encounter roadblocks caused by the varying values, interests and needs of a diverse workforce.

Source: BlessingWhite Intelligence Study – 2008

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Dr. Rob Rawson is a medical doctor, internet entrepreneur and a time management expert. He is currently traveling around the world whilst managing a business with 45 staff.

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