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Tips On Time Management For Working Moms

The life of a working mom can be quite difficult and stressful. Constantly receiving demands from your children, from your employer and even your significant other can become overwhelming. That is why time management for working mothers requires a different approach from the norm. That’s why we have provided you with several tips to help you regain your sanity and mange your time effectively.

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A Priority List Is A Must

When you’re working 40hrs + per week at a job, and then begin caring for your children once you return home, it becomes quite evident that prioritizing your tasks can be critical to your success. You must create a priority list for both your work and personal life. By prioritizing the list and systematically working on the most important topics one at a time will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period. In order to save yourself some sanity, it’s best to put in at least a thirty minute break to do something that you enjoy and make this a priority. This could be as simple as reading a good book once the children have gone to bed or running on the treadmill.

Leverage Every Thing

Another important tip to achieve time management for working moms is leveraging. The Leveraging of other people’s time is a method used by some of the most successful businesses in the world. There are only so many hours in a day, and we can only be in one place at a time. However, leveraging other people’s time allows a working mom to complete multiple tasks at once. For example, if your child plays a sport or extracurricular activity, you can enlist the help of other parents. You can all work together and take turns providing transportation on different days of the week. This will free up additional time for both you and the other parents. You can also leverage `home work’ help with your child. You can even hire a professional tutor at a reasonable price if your budget allows.

“Always Be Prepared” Is Not Only For Boy Scouts

Living the life of a working mom leaves no room for error. Because every second counts, always being prepared is a crucial element to “making it all work”. You can start by getting everything ready the night before for both you and your children. Set out your children’s clothes (your clothes too) the night before, and have anything that they will need ready to go. You can prepare yourself for life’s little incidents by always keeping an extra diaper in the car if you have little one’s or even an extra change of clothes for the older ones. When dealing in time management for working moms, any slip up (like a child falling in mud on the way to school) could result in certain disaster for you. You’re better safe than sorry.

Involve The Children

When time is of the essence, multitasking can prove to be a big help. Why not accomplish some of your tasks while spending quality time with your children? If you create a positive environment where the children enjoy helping out, you can easily work on chores as a group. Children are always striving for alone time with mommy, even if it means doing a bit of work. Of course, it’s usually just easier to do it yourself to get it done right the first time. However, once the child has an understanding of what is required, they can prove to be great helpers. This also teaches them responsibility and how to take care of themselves. Just make sure that you match the tasks with the abilities of the child. Regardless of the task that you give them, the most important part is to ensure that you are involving your children and spending quality time with them. These are the things that make for life long memories.

So, as you can see, time management for working mothers is certainly possible. You simply need to institute a few tricks to help manage your life better. With that being said, any mother knows that there are some things that you can’t plan for, and that is fine. Probably the most important thing to remember is to involve your children in everything possible. After all, that’s what being a mom is all about.

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