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Save time by hiring low cost help

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Let's say you earn $50 on average per hour. It makes no sense for you to clean your house when you can hire someone at $15 per hour to do it for you (unless you really love to clean!) If you are on a lower hourly rate then you can still utilize this principle, it just means that you need to find help that does not cost too much.

Here are a few ideas of areas where you can hire outside help:

  • Cleaning your house
  • Online research
  • Booking travel
  • Gardening
  • A cook or person to help with preparing food
  • Accounting/ bookkeeping
  • Designing your web site
  • Moving house
  • Organizing your apartment
Some of these are obvious, but how do you actually get someone who doesn't cost so much to do this stuff?

There are a few different options. First you can hire a personal assistant to do all sorts of odd tasks for you. Check out the article on How to hire an effective personal assistant.

For travel services, American Express platinum cards and some other platinum credit cards have a concierge service that can save you significant time. You simply call them whenever you need to book travel, for example.

You can hire very cheap help online from lower cost countries. You can get good help from competent people for as low as $3 per hour. Be aware that you might find it frustrating at first when dealing with someone from a developing country who probably does not speak English as a first language. You may find it more effective to try to find someone local who is a native English speaker and familiar with your culture. But these different options are out there and worth looking into. You can also outsource work that can be done remotely through outsourcing web sites and get it done surprisingly cheap. See the article on Outsourcing.

You can put up ads in your local university to find students to help you part time. Craigslist is also a good option to find someone local who can help you with odd tasks.

Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate a lower rate (if you need to). You will be surprised. Sometimes the person will accept 20 to 40% less than they were initially requesting. Or consider trading something that you have, for part of their fees. Get creative and you will find some options that you may not have previously thought possible.

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