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Best time management software - How to dramatically increase business or personal productivity

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If you are considering time management software for your business, we'd like to suggest Time Doctor Software. This productivity application is developed by TimeManagement.com and reflects the same time management principles and methodologies featured on this site. Time Doctor can be used a business tool for teams, and also for personal productivity.

The software utilizes a number of powerful time management principles to help you to get more done each day and eliminate distractions in your work. Here's how;

Focusing on priorities

As a task manager, Time Doctor helps workers focus on their top priorities encouraging each user to complete the most important tasks for each day. In a team environment, a task list is automatically emailed to managers each day (outlining time spent on each task for each day) - because of this sort of transparency, managers and team members are always in alignment with who is doing what, how long it's taking and which tasks are most important.

Managers can also easily see which tasks each team member is working on as their top priorities. Because Time Doctor also tracks time spent working on tasks (as well as programs and websites that are being used), managers also know if the team is really working on these priorities or getting distracted with less important tasks.

Tracking time use

Time Doctor tracks time spent working to the minute. The software includes several features that remind each user to track their time including nudges for inactive time, a current task status bar, through to prompts when returning to work (which ask each you to select your next task). These simple features which rely on user input (instead of wobbly automated tracking) translate into better organization of tasks by users, and an awareness of time spent on each task.

The tracked activities are emailed to managers each day in one simple email, the "Consolidated Daily Report". This makes sure that managers are aware of what their team is actually working on and how long it takes to accomplish their tasks.

Time Doctor also tracks time spent using applications and websites, including how much time is spent using email and chat programs. This helps you to see if you can improve your workflow by perhaps spending less time on email, and more time working on productive tasks.

Eliminate distractions

There are multiple ways that Time Doctor removes distractions, or more accurately the tendency to allow distractions to eat into time that is meant to be spent working!

The very fact that Time Doctor users are required to allocate what they are working on throughout the day will help to make sure that time is used productively.

Time Doctor also has reports which prevent wasted time and cyber-slacking. For example, the "poor time use" report (a weekly email) lists all web sites visited that might not be work related (Facebook, The New York Times, etc). The report is generated at the end of each week and is based on any un-related website usage when a user is working (and not on a break).

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In a company environment, you can be sure that employees will be more cautious about spending time on distracting web sites when they know it will be monitored and sent in a report each week. Time Doctor Software also generates In a separate "Weekly Time Usage Report" for managers (or individuals) that shows how much time was spent using websites and applications.

Task awareness

When you or your business starts to track every minute of your time, you'll be immediately aware of where your time is going. For instance, a lot of new users discover that they spend too much time on email an take immediate steps to eliminate unnecessary back and forth emails (or may only check emails twice day). In a team environment, a manager can see exactly what employees are spending their time on each day - the very awareness of where time is spent helps to improve productivity.

Track time in and out of the office

Another huge advantage to using Time Doctor is that it allows for flexibility in the workplace, tele-commuting or even a managing an entire remote team without an sort of office. Managers using this software can see exactly what their team is working on, how much they worked, and can verify that the person is really working productively. This is invaluable for remote working teams, but can also be used in companies that work in an office environment.

You can try Time Doctor BETA free; www.TimeDoctor.com

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